Berlin Traffic Control Center

On May 15 On May 15, the SAFARI consortium visited the Berlin Traffic Control Center (VKRZ) in the historic Tempelhof Airport building. The meeting started with an interesting presentation about the VKRZ and the traffic situation in Berlin, and SAFARI specific questions were answered. Afterwards, case studies were used to provide insights into the VKRZ’s areas of work. This included, for example, the workflow in the event of an accident, traffic light failure or state visit. Among other things, the VKRZ has an overview of the traffic lights in Berlin and can switch various programs if necessary, as well as forward traffic incidents to connected broadcasting stations, print media, as well as navigation devices. During the visit, various points of overlap between the activities in the Reinickendorf district and the VKRZ’s fields of work emerged, which will be examined with a perspective to joint research approaches in the future.

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