Start of the parking data survey with scan cars

[May 2022]

The mapping of parking spaces with scan cars in the eUVM project has kicked off. Since the beginning of May, the electrically powered cars are on Berlin’s streets to record the available public parking spaces By collecting partial number plates, it is also possible to determine the number of free parking spaces at different times of the day and the parking duration. In the upcoming months, the entire area within the S-Bahn ring and neighbouring areas in Tempelhof and Wedding are surveyed successively. Of particular interest are areas where parking zones will be introduced soon, e.g. at Leopoldplatz, in the Brüsseler Kiez and at Tempelhof City Hall. Here, research will be conducted on how the introduction of paid parking spaces affects parking space use.

Press release (German only): Research project on air pollution control: scanning vehicles record use of public parking spaces

More information: Parkdatenanalyse

The electric scan vehicle collects data on parking spaces and their use.
The scan vehicles survey the parking space supply and its use at different times of the day.
Kamera und LIDAR Scanner auf dem Dachgepäckträger des Scan-Fahrzeugs.
Camera and LIDAR scanner are installed on the roof rack of the scan vehicles.
Side view of the scanning vehicle.
The survey with the Cityscanner is carried out as part of the parking data analysis in the eUVM project of Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action (SenUMVK).
Blue Scan Vehicle for Berlin Parking Data Analysis 2022.
The vehicles will be on the road within the Berlin S-Bahn ring and adjacent areas from spring 2022 to autumn 2023.
Dashboard for parking space analysis of the scan vehicles.
The dashboard in the scan vehicle shows the immediate pixelation and anonymisation of the collected image data.
The battery and the computer for data processing are installed in the back seat of the scan vehicles.
Brain-Power: the batterie and the computer are the heart of the scan cars.